Miller Lite

Lost Item Report

We'll review all reports as quickly as possible and will get back to you if we've located your item. We receive thousands of items and reports of lost items, so thank you in advance for your patience as we sort through these items and identify owners. During the festival please allow up to 48 hours for a response to your lost item(s). Filling out this form is the best way to report a lost item(s). If we locate your item, the Summerfest Guest Services team will reach out to you. All patrons will be required to fill out an additional sign and release form upon retrieval of lost item.

Lost items will be held for 30 days and then donated to a local charity. Milwaukee World Festival, d/b/a Summerfest will not be held liable for any unclaimed items.

NOTE: we will contact you ONLY if we locate your item. We are not able to contact every person to inform them their item was not turned in.
Almost all communication is via email. Provide an email address that is checked frequently and be sure to check your Spam/Junk mail folder in case we find your item and respond via email!

Your Item(s)

Please check all that apply:

Additional Information

*Driver's License Info: if you lost a driver's license, use this space to write the name on the license, the address on the license and the state it was issued. You must provide a second form of identification when picking up. This can include student ID, work ID, passort, etc. If this license was a fake, it will not be returned.
**Camera model and color, etc. (ex: Brand Name and Model Name or Number, silver, in black leather case with silver wristband). Describe recent photos that would help identify the camera as yours.
***Cell Phone model, color (the more details the better--this is the largest category of lost items). If it has a case, please describe.
A copy of this completed form will be emailed to the address you provided above. Click once on the submit button. Be patient, it may take a minute to save your inquiry. You will automatically see a "Success" message when your form is submitted.