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Feel the Love This February

Feel the Love This February

February might be the shortest month of the year, but it’s also another month closer to Summerfest, more daylight is added each day, and we’re reminded it’s that time of year to spread the love.

There are likely millions of songs, lyrics, or even band names that include the topic of l'amour – i.e. love, loving, lover, lovely. By far too many for us to sort through, so we asked you, our beloved fans, what your favorite love songs were and put them into a playlist - just for you! Of course, we couldn't resist adding in a few of our own recommendations as well. 

Looking for some more music-themed Valentine's Day ideas? Well, you've come to the right place. In the words of Rick Astley, Summerfest is "no stranger to love." These ideas have varying levels of cheesiness, but they're all guaranteed to bring a smile to your face: 

  1. "Forever & Ever Babe" - how many of us hear "Linger" by The Cranberries and remember that iconic Adam Sandler movie scene? Think back to when you and your partner met. Do you have a song that was playing at the bar, show, or restaurant? What songs were topping the charts? Do you have a first dance song at a wedding? Play some of those songs together.
  2. The Dating Game - see how well you know your partner. You both pick 5-10 songs that describe your relationship. Play each other's playlists out loud and see each other's reactions.
  3. I'm Your Density- Be your own George McFly and make a list of all the concerts you've been to together and a list of all the concerts you'd like to go to together in the future
  4. Patrick To My David - Pick your favorite love song and serenade your partner with it, ala David and Patrick singing "Simply the Best" on Schitt's Creek. 
  5. Show Us the Love - Find a photo of you and your partner together at a Summerfest show and tag @summerfest so spread the love.

You single folks may be thinking, "Oh, I'm not in a relationship. Summerfest doesn't care about me." Wrongo. Think again. Here are some playlists for you to get in on the fun:

  • Practicing some self-love this Valentine's Day? Celebrate YOU with this playlist.
  • Did you just swipe left on a relationship? Celebrate that breakup with this playlist.
  • Feeling the platonic love? Celebrate your friends with this playlist.
  • Spending time with the real love of your life: your four-legged friend? Celebrate that pet with this playlist

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Author: Kellie McGinnis