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A Holiday Playlist For You

A Holiday Playlist For You

Over the years we have featured “Tis the Season holiday playlist, which you can find here. But, for 2020 we wanted to gift you with something a little more special we're letting you in on a little Summerfest tradition that has been going for yearsbehind the scenes. 

Whit, our Production Manager, has been personally creating and handing out custom Christmas albums to Summerfest friends and family for decades. He said it started in 2006, when he burned a CD filled with Christmas tunes for a select group of coworkers, friends, and family. It was so well-received he did it again the next year, and then the next, and the next, and well … suddenly a Summerfest tradition was bornAt one point he was distributing over 200 copies! 

As streaming music became more popular and CD players less popular, Whit gradually transitioned to digital playlists filled with Christmas originals, classics, covers... you name it. Each yearthe search for bands and Christmas albums began, sometimes as early as JulyAnd, every year the playlist he puts together is unique.  But,  there are a few rules he follows: 

  1.  The playlist will be 26 songs, usually songs you won't hear on traditional radio 
  2.  The opening song must be a strong favorite 
  3. The playlist must end with a cover of Silent Night, with all verses 

Enjoy the 2020 edition of Whit's Christmas Album below.  

Brush up on your favorite tunes

Author: Kellie McGinnis