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Your Music Resolutions for 2020

Your Music Resolutions for 2020
Photo Credit: Summerfest / Tyler Yomantas

It's that time of year again. Your newsfeeds are about to be filled with articles about how to stick to the classic new year's resolutions like eating healthier and exercising more, but honestly, those are no fun. Here at Summerfest, we think resolutions should be MUSIC related! We've come up with some options for music-related New Year's Resolutions for you to pick from. We promise it'll be more fun than trying to cut out sweets. 

  1. Go to the show. Every year there's always a show or two that come and go that you miss out on. You know, the ones you talk yourself out of because the drive is too long, you'll be too tired at work the next day, you're not feeling it. When you read the reviews the next day, you have instant regret. Leave regret in 2020. Just buy the ticket and go to the show. You never know when your favorite artist or group will play their last show, stop touring, or leave the music industry altogether. 
  2. Go to a show alone. You'd be surprised by how many people tag us on social media saying things like "anybody want to go to this show with me? My friends bailed and I don't want to go alone." But here's the thing, going to a show alone is not as scary as it may seem; in fact, it can be quite nice! Fan of the front row barricade experience? Cool - you do you. Fan of standing in the back enjoying a beverage? Also cool - you do you. Not feeling the show and want to leave halfway through? Leave. There's no need to consider that friend that wants to stay. Want to try to wait for an autograph at the merch table? Awesome! Wait as long as you so choose. Sure - the break between artists can get awkward, but that's the perfect time to head to the bathroom, grab a drink, or meet a new friend because hey - there's a whole show full of people you have something in common with -- music!
  3. Learn an instrument. Dying to learn that riff of your favorite song? Always think about what it would be like to play a funky bass line? Try picking up an instrument, learn something by ear, or take a class. There's a variety of in-person and online ways to learn these days!  
  4. Expand your music library. Some people out there - like a lot of Summerfest employees - just LOVE music. Can't get enough. But even we can end up bored with our current library. There's an easy way to fix that though. Try listening to something new. Ask your friends and family for a recommendation. Listen to every top-10 album of the year. Pay attention to the "Similar Artists" suggestion on music streaming apps and give a new artist a listen. Are you somebody who "hates country music" or "can't stand rap"? Challenge yourself to find a song (even a cross-over song) in that genre that you've written off that you find tolerable. It can open up a whole world of music for you!

… And if your resolution is to exercise more, nothing helps get you motivated like a good playlist! Music can inspire us in many ways. Check out our many Spotify playlists to find the one right for you!

What music resolution will you be trying out in 2020? 

Author: Kellie McGinnis