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Halloween Costume Playlist

Halloween Costume Playlist
Photo Credit: Summerfest

It's that time of year when the fuzzy boots and sweaters are back in your wardrobe, everybody’s all about PSLs, and your neighborhoods are decorated with all things spooky. So what’s next? Well, besides counting down the days till Summerfest is back you ask yourself, “What am I wearing for Halloween?!?” Now's the time to start thinking about that ultimate costume for all those parties and we’re going to help.

This year we’ve created a playlist to inspire you to dress up as your favorite rockstar! This isn’t any ol’ playlist. Oh no, take a listen to this “Costume Inspiration” playlist to spark some imaginative ideas. There's so many artists to choose from! Take it from us we’ve hosted some of the biggest names in music so we know what we’re talking about.

Sure, you can still put on a pair of bunny ears or put on a little makeup to be a zombie (yawn) but where's the fun in that? Be sure to let us know what artist you dressed up as and tag us in your posts @Sumemrfest.

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Author: Kellie McGinnis