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Meet Milwaukee Band Clear Pioneer

Meet Milwaukee Band Clear Pioneer
Photo Credit: Summerfest / Brianna Griepentrog

The Emerging Artists Series takes place every day of Summerfest on the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage with 88Nine Radio Milwaukee. This series highlights up-and-coming local, national and international talent during daily performances that not only showcase great live music but also engages the audience by having fans vote each day their favorite performance.

We’ve reached out to several of this year’s artists and asked them a few questions about their experience at Summerfest.

This week we hear from Clear Pioneer from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They performed this year at Summerfest on July 5th at the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage.


1. Was this your first time playing Summerfest? If yes – what did it mean to you to play the festival in your hometown? If no – when have you played/attended in the past?  

This wasn't our first time at Summerfest - we played the Rebel Stage back in 2016 and 2017. This year on the Johnson Controls Stage was the first year we experienced the backstage, dressing room, air-conditioned hospitality as an official Summerfest artist.

2. What artist or group has influenced the sound of your group the most?

Way too many to narrow them down to one, our influences include the prolific and strange writings of David Bowie and David Byrne, the pop sensibilities of Prince, MJ and Jamiroquai, and the synth-laden production styles of Daft Punk and other electronic artists.

3. If you had the chance to collaborate with any other artist that played the festival this year, who would it be and why?  

We've been collaborating with Newvices who opened for Coin and Young The Giant this year and have been swapping members for live shows for almost a year now. If bands could ever be married, our two bands would be the closest thing to it. A band we would love to collaborate with would be The Killers. Seriously, have you ever heard them put out a bad album yet alone a single disappointing song? Brandon Flowers is a lyrical genius and their songwriting is incredible. We'd also love to pick The Lonely Island's brains in a writing session.

4. Lots of artists that have been a part of the Emerging Artist Series have come back to play at other stages during the festival. Is there a particular stage you’d be interested in playing next time?

The BMO Harris Pavilion is a goal of ours. Our second favorite may be the Harley Stage because we've always wanted to play music for thousands of people, surrounded by motorcycles.

5. Do you have anything you want to say to the fans that voted for you?  

Yes! Thank you so much for jumping in and retweeting the Twitter poll so quickly. We were completely blown away by the support and the commitment to get us to win. We love you all.

6. What can your fans expect next from you?

Lots more music and video on the way - we plan on playing a Radio Milwaukee 414 Live session this fall - free and open to the public.