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For Your Listening Pleasure: Summerfest By Genre!

For Your Listening Pleasure: Summerfest By Genre!

As you may have heard, Summerfest is the World's Largest Music Festival, clocking in at 11 days long with over 800 artists on the lineup. From pop to hip hop, country to EDM, alternative to classic rock, this year’s lineup offers something for every music fan! But looking at a lineup with over 800 artists can be overwhelming. You're probably thinking "who are all these artists" or "where do I start?" - there's a LOT of artists and genres to know.

That's where we come to the rescue! We've sorted the majority of this year's lineup into playlists organized to help you on your music discovery journey. 

Love knowing about an up-and-coming band before it goes mainstream? Then check out our Emerging Artist Series playlist. Love Rap & Hip-Hop, EDM, or Latin music,  but feel that the lineup only has one artist you recognize? Well you'll be pleasantly surprised when you check out the genre playlists. You never know, you might just find your new favorite artist this year at Summerfest. 





Author: Kellie McGinnis