Get to know Alex Guthrie

Get to know Alex Guthrie
Alex Guthrie performing at Summerfest July 4, 2018

The Emerging Artists Series takes place every day of Summerfest. This series highlights up-and-coming local, national and international talent during daily performances that not only showcase great live music, but also engages the audience by having fans vote each day their favorite performance.

We’ve reached out to several of this year’s winners and asked them a few questions about themselves and what it’s like to perform at Summerfest.

This week we hear from singer-songwriter Alex Guthrie. With the infusion of different genres such as soul, folk and rock, Guthrie brings audiences together through brilliant lyrics and an expressive voice. This year he performed at Summerfest on July 4 at the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage. Thanks Alex for taking the time to answer some questions about your experience.

Q1) What was your favorite part of playing Summerfest?

Alex Guthrie: I love the electricity and culture of the the festival. There's a camaraderie among the staff and concert goers alike that's often hard to find at big festivals, let alone the biggest festival. This was our second year at Summerfest and it lived up to the lofty expectations that were set last year.

Q2) Did you get a chance to experience the festival outside of your performance?

Alex Guthrie: We sure did! Everyone in the band has their own musical preferences so naturally we had a difficult time agreeing on which shows to see. In the end, we got some hot dogs and then went our separate ways for the afternoon. My highlight had to have been catching the Gavin DeGraw show. That dude can sing.

Q3) While at Summerfest this year, was there a favorite song that you performed or perhaps some incredible memorable moment?

Alex Guthrie: The coolest part of our show had to be when the rain came in the middle of our set. We were playing for maybe 400 people up until that point (which was already fantastic) and then the heavens opened up and a biblical-flood-type storm rolled in and forced an additional 800 or so people under our tent. The show immediately went from good to great as everyone in the crowd got into the music we were making!

Q4) Being on the road so often, what do you do to pass the time between shows?

Alex Guthrie: We try to rest or find some inexpensive way for us all to let loose. This summer, that's meant bowling, hiking, and putt putt golf. We've nearly mastered the art of bowling poorly at this point.

Q5) Is there a stage you would like to perform at the next time you come back to Summerfest?

Alex Guthrie: I would love to play the Harley-Davidson Roadhouse Stage next time. Our bread and butter as a band are the listening rooms. We love the intimacy of them. We've learned over the past couple of years that festival stages can make it difficult to have those intimate moments. After catching Gavin DeGraw on the Harley stage and seeing just how personal and special a show can be there, I'm sold. That's my goal for next year.

Q6) Finally, is there anything you would like to say to your fans who voted for you at this year’s Emerging Artists Series at Summerfest?

Alex Guthrie: This is a bit obvious, but THANK YOU! We are so dang thankful to have people supporting us in what we love and we cannot wait to share with you the music we've been making now that we're off the road from our Summer Tour!


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