Q & A with Madison Malone

Q & A with Madison Malone
Madison Malone performing at Summerfest July 7, 2018

The Emerging Artists Series takes place every day of Summerfest. This series highlights up-and-coming local, national and international talent during daily performances that not only showcase great live music, but also engages the audience by having fans vote each day their favorite performance.

We’ve reached out to several of this year’s winners and asked them a few questions about themselves and what it’s like to perform at Summerfest.

This week we hear from Wisconsin's own Madison Malone. Raised in a small farm town in south-central Wisconsin, Madison was an anomaly in her blue collar city. Madison moved to Los Angeles in late 2016. When Madison first arrived in Los Angeles, she began writing songs for artists at Sony Music, creating music for commercials at Barking Owl in Santa Monica, and landing featuring slots on high-profile artists' tracks (Anthony Federov of American Idol, Leonell Cassio, Raye Zaragoza, APZE, Mic Kellogg). She also began making a name for herself as a songwriter at the world famous, Hotel Café, after selling out both stages, starting a duo "Love, Love" with artist, Beck Pete, and opening for artists like Kaleo, Wrabel, Rozzi Crane, Ari Herstand, & Tall Heights.  Through all of these experiences, Madison was developing her personal artistry. Thanks Madison for taking the time to answer some questions about your experience.

Q1) You have been to Summerfest before as a fest-goer. What was your favorite part of playing at Summerfest?

Madison Malone: I mentioned this in a post right after I played & I think it answers your question: For years I have been in the audience at Summerfest—enchanted by those artists on stage, my eyes twinkling, heart pounding, ears washed over with magic. I could sit and dream for hours about what it must feel like to be a performer on that stage. On 7/7, I was grateful to have the performer’s point of view, I found that looking out at all of these beautiful humans—that my eyes were twinkling, I was enchanted, my heart was pounding, I could feel magical little sparks everywhere. So what have I learned? That initial feeling as a person in the crowd is the start of a dream, and that same EXACT feeling years later is the completion of a checkmark. Playing Summerfest turned my childhood dreams into adult realities. THAT was my favorite part.

Q2) I think our audience would be curious to know where your inspiration for new music come from?

Madison Malone: My inspiration for new music comes from nature and the everyday monotony of life! I have noticed that when I just let life happen to me, I can write with more ease. I think it is because if I let myself feel feelings & process emotions, then I have those experiences to write about. Also, growing up in Wisconsin, nature has always been a part of my life. My melodies are inspired by the movement of Earth & its elements.

Q3) You have been singing since you were at least 15. But if you weren’t a musician, did you ever consider a different occupation?

Madison Malone: I have been singing for quite awhile! I was double majoring in social work & Spanish in college, thinking that I would either go into immigration law or teaching, but music has always been the career I knew I would have. Nothing pulls at my heart & soul as much as music does.

Q4) Is there a stage you would like to perform at the next time you come back to Summerfest?

Madison Malone: I would love to play the US Cellular Stage or the Briggs & Stratton Stage. I have seen so many amazing shows on those stages, I would love to be able to add my name to the list of artists who played in those spaces & create a beautiful environment for the audience there.

Q5) Finally, is there anything you would like to say to your fans who voted for you at this year’s Emerging Artists Series at Summerfest?

Madison Malone: To everyone who voted for me in this year’s Emerging Artist Series, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I could feel all of you on stage with me that night. We all breathed the same air & felt the same feelings. Your vote made a dream of mine come true & I will remember the magic we all shared forever.

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