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A Love Affair with Arcade Fire

A Love Affair with Arcade Fire
Photo Credit: photo provided by artist management

Recently, the Summerfest team became aware of a couple that has a "love affair" with Arcade Fire. After learning that the Summerfest show will be their sixth show, we had to share their story. It's one for the books! 

"Our love affair with Arcade Fire really began the day our love affair with each other moved to the next level. Hours after getting engaged, we were in an unfinished warehouse space in Brooklyn watching this incredible band play songs from the soon-to-be-released Reflektor album. On that night, a band that we liked became a band that we loved.

If you are a casual fan of this band, seeing them live gives you a whole new perspective, an "ah-ha" moment, of what makes Arcade Fire so special. Few bands can produce such a high energy rock show that manages to morph into a dance party. Arcade Fire has the unique ability to make a large venue feel like your favorite small club. Their energy and passion for the music makes every performance feel like a celebration. The band's attention to social issues and work with organizations such as Partners In Health and KANPE has inspired us to also get involved. Before a show in Chicago, we had the opportunity to work a booth for Partners In Health educating people of the good the organization does in Haiti and other parts of the world. That same night we had the honor of joining the band to parade into the United Center as they began the show.

Summerfest will be the sixth time we have seen Arcade Fire and we are as excited as we were at the first show. By the time the band closes with "Wake Up" we are always filled with joy and appreciation for everything Arcade Fire have meant to us!" - Amanda & Steve


A few days after we heard about Amanda and Steve's story, Arcade Fire released a new music video that seemed to tie into their story almost too perfectly. Watch it below.