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#DressForTheFest with Summerfest Fashionistas

#DressForTheFest with Summerfest Fashionistas

It's officially Summerfest season! You've packed your 11-Day schedule (on the Summerfest App) with who you want to see this year. But the big question still remains: What are you going to wear? We've invited three local fashion influences to talk about who they want to see at Summerfest this year and what they are going to wear. Make sure to check out @subjectivefashion, @etkemner and @katieteutphoto for updates on Summerfest ticket giveaways and #Dress4TheFest prize pack giveaways! Then look for them down on the Summerfest grounds on July 1 and show off your style as you #Dress4TheFest. 

Ellery Kemner 


I was born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, but I found my creativity, style, and favorite art form when I moved to Milwaukee just a few years ago. I love making abstract art through modeling, I call it "conceptual portraiture." Whatever you call it though, my art is all about manipulating the clothing I'm wearing while expressing an emotion so I can make an image I love. Playing music during every photoshoot is a must- it helps me feel creative, think outside of the box, and be honest with what I'm feeling and how I express those feelings. My music choice entirely depends on the day; I love everything from old country like The Highwaymen to Indie Rock and Folktronica like Alt J and Glass Animals!

Whatever I'm listening to, I use it to inspire what I wear, how I create, and how I live my everyday. I can't wait to take some photos at Summerfest while listening to Dave Matthews Band, The Neighborhood, and Chromeo (to name a few). 

See you this summer, I can't wait to see how you #dress4thefest this year! @etkemner

Justin Price


Hey everyone! What's up?! I’m Justin Price, and I am a fashion blogger/enthusiast/model on Instagram whenever I'm not at work during the day. I started my Instagram almost two years ago with the intention of showcasing my outfits and showing people the subjective nature of fashion. I wanted to emphasize that there aren't any rules you need to live by when you're wearing an outfit. Instagram's been the very outlet to express myself through fashion!

As a result of capturing my style since 2016, myself and two other individuals were given the opportunity to partner with Summerfest and shed light on attendees’ style and see how people #Dress4TheFest

While I'm looking forward to finding out how attendees #Dress4TheFest, I'm also excited to decide what I will wear to Summerfest 2018. Summer is FINALLY HERE, and I can start cracking out the cropped pants and bright colors. I'm thinking about wearing a viscose shirt, cropped pants, and loafers while I'm on the grounds July 1 with @etkemner and @katieteutphoto. The specifics of my outfit may change prior to the festival, but I'm definitely going for a bold look with a lot of color with summer quickly approaching!

There's always a slew of artists to see at Summerfest, and I am excited to see J. Cole this summer at the Amphitheater. I've never seen him in concert, but I've been following his music for almost a decade (I just realized that made me sound like an old head). I'm interested in seeing his stage presence and his performance as a whole. I feel like his name is sometimes forgotten when people discuss the best artists simply because he's very low key and doesn't do many interviews, so it will be fun to see him perform at a The World's Largest Music Festival right here in Milwaukee.

Hope to see y’all at Summerfest!  :D Peace!

Katie Teutenberg


I am Katie Teutenberg, a fashion blogger and beauty guru here in Milwaukee. My style is all about the colors and vintage feel. I enjoy mixing vintage pieces with new trends. As well as searching the racks at thrift stores to create trendy looks and give the clothes a second life. I love the Milwaukee community because everyone has such a diverse sense of style and you can see that in our thrift stores.  I've always found inspiration in movie characters, rock stars and different decades.

This year I would love to see Foster the People. I plan on wearing my go-to summer item my thrifted wrangler DIY shorts, something I think every girl needs some version of for Summertime. I'll be pairing them along with my black cougar boots from Lace & Sole, a cute and colorful crochet crop top, my orange Foster Grant circle shades, and finishing off the look with a couple faces gems and some glitter because Summerfest is a festival, after all, let's have fun with it! @katieteutphoto.