Summerfest Memories

Summerfest Memories
Summerfest 2017

When the Summerfest lineup is announced, it is an absolute must for me to search out a paper lineup so that I can circle and rank all of the acts I need to fit into the 11 days that always seem to fly by.

I have been going to Summerfest since I was in middle school. My parents let me go with my older sister to check out Reel Big Fish (who I still jam to this day when I’m feeling nostalgic). At the time, I thought it was pretty cool to wear plaid pants, spiked bracelets and one of those studded belts on white leather. Super stylish, I know. We would hop the freeway flyer bus that takes you directly to the Summerfest grounds and I would get more anxious as we got closer and closer. To me, this is the pinnacle of feeling that it is summertime.

Anyway, each and every year, I search for the fold out lineup so I can look at every single day and plan out how I can cram all of the bands I want to see into each day. I  even strategized how to get as close as possible to the stage while still being able to eat all of my favorite foods during the day. There are times, however, where I wish I had the ability to be in 2 places at once and that is where band rationing comes in. Have I seen this band before? How many times? Will I ever be able to see them again? What kind of a mood am I in? Are they close enough together on the grounds to catch half of both shows? What if I run really fast from one stage to the other? Can I stop to eat Saz’s in between shows? These are the important questions.

I have loved dancing the night away to Sylvan Esso, singing along to Britney Spears, playing air guitar to The Darkness and catching a once-in-a-lifetime show, Outkast. These are just highlights that barely scratch the surface when it comes to my Summerfest memories.

To this day, I will still hop the bus, head down to the grounds, grab an ice cream cone and soak in all of the sounds of summer that I can.

Author: Nicole Rouleau
Nicole Rouleau

Nickie Rouleau is a music lover and the Underwriting Director at 91.7FM WMSE. She also is the President of the Bay View Bash and sits on the board for the Bay View Neighborhood Association.