Amerikas Addiction: 2014

Amerikas Addiction: 2014
Joshua Scarver playing on the Rebel Stage with Amerikas Addiction

Summerfest, better known as the “World’s Largest Music Festival,” has always been a part of my life. I remember being a child growing up on the north side of Milwaukee seeing the commercials on TV, the newspaper articles, the stories from my friends and always wanting to go there and experience it! Growing up in a single mother household, going to Summerfest was truly a special occasion. My mother would save for us to go and I would get the opportunity to go and see all of the people, listen to the music, eat the foods (especially ice cream) and watch the fireworks during The Big Bang!

 The thing that I remember most though, is the sound of music everywhere. I remember people of all colors, backgrounds and ages dancing and having fun. I always saw different artists of all genres being represented. Looking back in reflection, I believe that these images of musicians on stage and the crowds cheering them on, helped to influence me to become an artist and performer. 

I grew up to become a hip-hop artist and producer, with dreams of performing at the festival that I held so many memories from, Summerfest, with my hip-hop duo Amerikas Addiction. For many years, we worked day and night on creating music, merchandise, doing shows anywhere and everywhere that would let us hold a microphone, spreading our message of inspiration to live life to the fullest and #DoWhatYouDesire. During that time I watched many of my peers get the opportunity to open for some of the greatest acts in music history and to perform for the crowd at Summerfest. I was inspired to one day rock a stage at Summerfest! 

After years of hard work, long nights in the studio recording, doing shows for crowds of 60 people and sometimes only 2 people, we were contacted by the now very well-known Rebel Stage at Summerfest, we were asked to be the headliner of a show! I was beyond excited to finally tell all of our fans, supporters, friends and family that I would be performing at the “World’s Largest Music Festival,” Summerfest! This being the first time that we performed at Summerfest, we performed on what most may call 'a small stage' - but for me, it was the biggest and most important stage that I ever had the opportunity to perform on. I never had so many people who came to see and support me and my group. My childhood dream to perform at Summerfest had finally come true and it was a success for me and a pleasure for my fans that night. 

Summerfest will always hold a special place in my life story, my heart, and my soul. It is a beautiful place to experience as a fan of music, a lover of festival culture and in my case, an independent artist trying to make it to the stages to perform for the people!

Author: Joshua Scarver
Joshua Scarver

Joshua Scarver is the creator and co-owner of life style brand #DoWhatYouDesire. He is a charity event organizer with a passion for empowering neglected youth in the community. He is also a member of hip-hop duo Amerikas Addiction and brand consultant. Follow him on Instagram & Snapchat @dwydjosh and visit