Coleman Hell

Coleman Hell
Coleman Hell will perform on July 8 at Summerfest 2016

You've likely heard "2 Heads" on the radio and wondered who's behind the electronic banjo-sampling dance hit. Meet Coleman Hell, the 27 year old Canadian musician who writes and produces his full sound through just his keyboard. After touring with Twenty One Pilots and Robert DeLong, he'll release his first full-length album later this year. 

The Sound:

Coleman Hell has a voice that moves from blues to falsetto effortlessly, his tone reminscent of another Summerfest 2016 artist - Sting. "2 Heads" is an unconventional mix of two highly popular genres, electronic and folk. "Fireproof" has a thumping beat that would be welcome in any club on a Saturday night. What makes Coleman Hell unique among electronic artists is his level of musicianship which shows through in each track. 

Why You Should Go:

With big hooks and heavy beats, Coleman Hell will bring the party with him to Summerfest on Friday, July 8! 

If you like Robert DeLong or X Ambassadors, check out Coleman Hell.

Brittany Schumacher is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Summerfest.