Black Violin

Black Violin
Black Violin will perform on June 30 at Summerfest 2016

This week's featured act is Black Violin, a duo out of Florida who bring together the unlikely combination of classical and hip hop genres to form a very distinctive style. Black Violin features Kevin Sylvester (Kev Marcus) on the violin and Wilner Baptiste (Wil B) on the viola. The latest album, Stereotypes, adds social activism to their instrumental prowess, challenging the listener to give up preconceived notions of how their appearance affects their sound.  

The Sound:

The melding of classical and hip hop is just as exciting as it sounds. At the core is a hard-hitting beat, incorporating elements of hip hop, funk and a little R&B. Unleashed on top of that is a skillful classic sound that honors many of the greats Black Violin has studied. They play their instruments masterfully, moving from slow and graceful melodies to a flourish of strings that is upbeat and prolific. 

Why You Should Go:

Though they lead with violins, their live show promises so much more! Taking the stage with a turntable and backup band, Black Violin keeps the audience on their feet while captivating them with raw musical talent. See for yourself at Summerfest on Thursday, June 30. 

If you like Lindsey Stirling or Vitamin String Quartet, check out Black Violin.

Sara Peronto is the Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator for Summerfest.