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Diane Coffee

Diane Coffee
Diane Coffee will perform on July 1 at Summerfest 2016
Photo Credit: Cara Robbins

This week’s featured artist is Diane Coffee (a.k.a. Shaun Fleming), former Disney voice actor and touring drummer for the band Foxygen, whose glam rock alter ego is as entertaining as it is thought provoking.  Taking his name from Diana Ross and a song called “Mr. Coffee” by a young accordion player named Nathan Pelkey, Diane Coffee released his debut LP, My Friend Fish, in 2013.  His second album, Everybody’s A Good Dog, came out in September of 2015. 

The Sound:

Though he sites Donovan as his biggest influence, Diane Coffee’s music incorporates an eclectic mix of elements: garage rock, Motown, soul, folk-pop and glam, to name a few.  On Everybody’s A Good Dog, a song like “Tams Up” offers a catchy doo-wop beat while “Everyday” incorporates a sing-along chorus reminiscent of Rocky Horror Picture Show.  An undeniable psychedelic groove from the late 60’s and 70’s ties everything together. 

Why You Should Go:

Diane Coffee’s stage presence resembles a rock opera, grand and experiential for the audience.  He strives to make his live act as big and joyous as possible, honoring the magnitude of the stage.  His affinity for musical theater translates into a performance that is bold, animated and perfectly weird. See him at Summerfest on July 1! 

If you like Roxy Music, Foxy Shazam or the soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture Show, check out Diane Coffee.

Sara Peronto is the Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator for Summerfest.