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Teezo Touchdown

Teezo Touchdown


September 3 - 7:30 PM @ American Family Insurance Amphitheater

Teezo Touchdown

Even amidst the ever-changing world of hip-hop, Teezo Touchdown is pushing things forward. The Beaumont, Texas-raised musician has whipped up a viral frenzy by way of his genre-blending music, infusing the trippy emotiveness of modern rap with R&B's airiness and the propulsion of pop-punk. He emerged with viral tracks "100 Drums" and "Slice," and with more new music to come in 2020, you'll be hearing and seeing a lot more of Teezo in the future.

While growing up in Beaumont, Teezo was drawn into music immediately due to his father's DJ career, as he inhaled the sounds of R&B from an early age. He decided to pursue music as a career in 2016, after his then-girlfriend who was an early supporter of his musical endeavors passed away from being a victim of gun violence—a formative moment that inspired him to take his craft more seriously. "Once that happened, I clicked on to life," he remembers. "The week that she passed, I couldn't tell you what I was doing from hour to hour. That was the worst pain that I'd ever felt, and after that, I knew I couldn't feel any worse. Once I experienced that, I could look at things different and feel more fearless."

He's since established a unique and appealing style that blends melodic soul-searching and the brightness of emo and pop-punk. But ultimately, Teezo claims no greater influence than the world around him: "Life inspires me," he states. "My music is about what happens day-to-day. What I do is journalistic. I'm writing from my experiences and writing from within, because that's where the best influence comes from." 

Equally important to Teezo's artform is his inventive visual style showcased in his music videos, which he's had a hand in constructing since his days of filming music videos on his phone for him and his friends.  "I'd be shooting music videos on my phone, and my friends were like, 'You really gotta start doing real music videos,'" he recalls; eventually, Teezo became friends with a videographer named Denzel Seale, and learned tools of the trade. Before long, he was renting out cameras to help shoot his friends' music videos. "I gained an eye for visuals, and all the stuff I learned helps me to this day when it comes to the videos I shoot now." 

Stylistically, Teezo's all about the current moment and being as direct as possible: "Less is more—what you see is simplistic as possible. We have the vision, shoot it, edit it, and give it to the world." And that approach is perfectly realized in his inventive performance video for the Panic!At The Disco-sampling "100 Drums." The single "Slice" soon followed, a mellow and darkly shaded tune that was put together at his dad's house in Beaumont. "It was the first thing I made there, and it was my birthday. My dad came upstairs and we got into it," he recalls on the track's creation. 

Since then, Teezo's been co-signed by a variety of high-profile musical peers ranging from Brockhampton and Chance the Rapper to Chris Brown and Trippie Redd—and as he's hard at work on more music coming from him later this year, including the just-released single "Strong Friend," he's keeping his eyes on the prize. "It's about throwing paint on the wall, and learning from the last song I did," he explains while discussing his creative process. "I like going back and listening to my old music because I can go back and reflect."

"I'm working on evolving and taking this journey—seeing where my music is going to take me," he continues. "At the end of the day, I'm taking this to the next level." Above all else, Teezo Touchdown is continuing to strive for the engaging relativity that he's expressed in his music so far: "I'm a survivor. I've been motivated to keep going whatever happens, and I'm hoping to motivate too. I'm your friend who happens to be a musician—that's my perspective, and I'm so grateful for it."

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