Royal Prospect

Royal Prospect


July 3 - 4:15 PM @ Johnson Controls World Stage

Royal Prospect

Lomma, Sweden

The arena rock band Royal Prospect from southern Sweden has since its inception met great successes in music competitions and at festivals. The band has consistently prioritized its own composed material with the aim of utilizing a unique and magnificent sound. The influences are bands like U2, Coldplay, Kings of Leon and The Rolling Stones.

2015 the band won Emergenza music competition in Sweden. During the summer the same year, Royal Prospect was booked at the INmusic Festival in Zagreb, Croatia. The band was booked to play on the 10th anniversary of the celebration, midway between the festival's headlines Of Monsters and Men and Placebo. The play was a success and the band returned proudly home to Sweden with reviews like: "What happens when a small band from Sweden is better than some headliners" & “ Royal Prospect should have been the headline ".

2016 They got the last spot to play on Scandinavia’s biggest showcase Live at Heart. On Live at Heart they got signed for a deal in Scandinavia and also discovered and booked to Youbloom festival 2017 in Dublin.

2017 Royal prospect was rebooked to Live at Heart and this time they got a straight booking to Mondo festival in NYC that autumn. In NYC they did a legendary VIP gig at Big House Studios and got booked to Canadian Music Week in 2018. They also got the invitation to play on TIMM (Tokyo International Music Market) in the autumn. They got into Japan with five gig tour which ended on Tsutsaya O-East in Tokyo. 2019 will be a busy year for Royal Prospect with several new singles and an around the world tour.

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