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Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan’s music has always reflected life in all its complexities, both the challenges and the unbridled joy. The award-winning superstar does that yet again on his seventh studio album Born Here Live Here Die Here and its deluxe version with six new songs, Born Here Live Here Die Here (Deluxe Edition) released April 9, 2021. Just after the announcement of the deluxe music and its immediate pre-order availability, it claimed the #1 spot on the Apple Music Pre-Add Chart.

“With all my albums I want to have a diverse group of songs and Born Here Live Here Die Here does that,” says Bryan. “We have songs that you could fall in love to. We have some songs that are pretty emotional, and then we have some big, fun party songs. It just checks all the boxes for me. There are songs I’ve co-written with other writers and there are outside songs that when I heard them, I knew they had to be on this album. I’m proud of each one.”

 Born Here Live Here Die Here was originally set to release in April 2020 but due to the pandemic it was moved to August 2020. “We all know 2020 was hard on all levels for many,” shared Luke. “Things were put on hold in the entertainment business, but it did allow more time to make music and I’m excited to share the new songs on the Deluxe album. They represent the core of what I am. The core of me that just wants to go drive around my farm and put my boat in and do some fishing — do a lot of the same things that I grew up doing in Georgia. I think a lot of these songs tell that story of a rural, small upbringing. I want music that really, really speaks to who I am as someone that loves being out in the country and singing music about it and telling the story of that."

            Great songs have always been the foundation of Bryan’s career. From his early days in Nashville as a songwriter, penning such notable hits as Billy Currington’s chart-topping “Good Directions,” to his status as one of country music’s reigning superstars, Bryan’s career has been populated by songs that have had lasting impact. Country Aircheck declared him the “Most Heard Artist of the Last Decade,” an honor he earned with such No. 1 hits as “Rain is a Good Thing,” “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,” “Crash My Party,” “That’s My Kind of Night,” “Strip it Down,” “Most People Are Good” and “Fast.”

Since his debut, Bryan has amassed 26 No. 1 hits and more RIAA certified digital singles than any other country artist with 54.5 million. Bryan has sold 12.5 million albums and scored 14.6 billion streams. He’s earned four platinum albums, two 4X-Platinum albums, seven RIAA certified albums, 22 Platinum singles and 12 Multi-Platinum singles. At the close of 2019, Luke became the first-ever recipient of the ACM Album of the Decade Award for his 2013 Crash My Party album and was also named the Most Heard Artist of the Decade” by Country Aircheck. Luke was most recently named Billboard’s Top Country Artist of the 2010s. Based on their charts, he ranks at the top by placing 11 #1s on the weekly Hot Country Songs chart and nine #1s on the Top Country Albums chart during the last decade.

This February, the Country Radio Broadcasters honored Luke as the 2021 Artist Humanitarian Award recipient for his ongoing philanthropic endeavors.

Bryan debuted Born Here Live Here Die Here at No. 1, making it his sixth consecutive #1 debut on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart. The album was certified Gold in February 2021. Since its release, the album has placed four consecutive #1 singles on the top of the charts, “Knockin’ Boots,” “What She Wants Tonight,” “One Margarita,” and “Down To One.”

The Born Here Live Here Die Here (Deluxe Edition) released on April 9, 2021 contains six new songs, three co-written by Luke- “Drink A Little Whiskey Down,” “Bill Dance,” “Floatin’ This Creek,” as well as “Country Does,” “Waves”- his new single, and “Up.”

The Leesburg, Georgia native and “American Idol” judge has been named Entertainer of the Year five times- most recently this April by the Academy of Country Music, his third win in that category overall, and also twice by the Country Music Association. He was honored as a CMT Artist of the Year six consecutive times. He’s won over 40 major music awards and has performed for nearly 12 million fans in the last decade while headlining seven major tours, including 36 stadium concerts, 11 Farm Tours, six years of Spring Breaks shows and six sold-out Crash My Playa events.

That’s not bad for the son of a Georgia peanut farmer and fertilizer salesman who grew up singing at the First Baptist Church and majored in business administration at Georgia Southern University. The work ethic he learned from his daddy and the small-town values he grew up with still inform every aspect of his life today, and helped shape Born Here Live Here Die Here. “The reason why we chose to name the album ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here’ is that song talks about an important part of my life and where I grew up in Leesburg, Georgia,” he says in that familiar warm Southern drawl. “The song paints such a beautiful picture of rural life and a rural mindset. Every line in that song really talks to that person who is proud of that small-town life. They know they don’t need to go look anywhere else. They’re happy. They’re content. They’ve got everything they want right there. There’s something really, really special about those types of people. The song just feels so real for me. It told a big story in my life because there were many, many years I was that guy that was going to be born there, live there and never leave. Somehow, I left and became a country music singer, but I still love to sing about those topics.”

Fans got their first taste of Born Here Live Here Die Here with the chart-topping hit “Knockin’ Boots.” “It’s just a fun song,” he says of the single that became his 23rd No. 1 hit. “It’s not this huge intricate story song. It’s just about dancing, having fun, swinging your loved one around and having a great time.”

The new album has also produced the sultry No. 1 “What She Wants Tonight.” “I co-wrote this with Ross Copperman, Jon Nite and Hillary Lindsey. Ross had a track going and he and Jon worked on some melodic stuff. With Hillary in the room sharing the girls’ perspective it made the song come together. In the moment, I felt like it was going to be a big, big song for me, and I was excited that we had written something that I was really proud of.”

Fans quickly embraced the raucous anthem “One Margarita,” which became the party hit of the summer of 2020 with a double week reign at No. 1, banking his 25th career No. 1 single. Bryan had the opportunity to shoot the video that January during his Crash My Playa event in Mexico, prior to the pandemic that gripped the world. “From the first time I heard it, I knew it was the catchiest, most fun party song I’d heard in a long time! We knew we had something special,” recalls Bryan. “And what better place to do the video than Crash My Playa. The video just feels fun and it came together amazing and it gives fans a little glimpse of what Crash My Playa is if they’ve never been. And hey, it makes you want to have a margarita.”

Bryan can easily be the life of every party with his upbeat personality and seemingly perpetual smile, but as an artist he’s never afraid to shift gears and record a song that tugs at the heartstrings. “Sometimes you just have to record an unbelievably written beautiful, emotional song and ‘Build Me a Daddy’ is just that,” he says of this poignant song from the album. “It speaks about a child that has lost their dad, and the way he explains how he wants to get his dad back for he and his mom is one of the coolest ways I’ve ever heard a song written. Country music has always been so important to really dive in and talk about tough subjects, talk about loss.”

Bryan explores lost love in “A Little Less Broken.” “What drew me to the song is just the classic sound of it,” he shares. “It’s about a guy ducking out into the shadows of a bar after seeing his ex and realizing she’s doing a little better than him at moving on. I just love the classic feel. I’ve never really had a song with this throwback sound, and it feels like a straight up, slow dancing, honky-tonk song.”

Bryan penned “Where Are We Going” with fellow Georgia native Brent Cobb and Chancie Neal contributes the sublime female vocal. “Brent and I grew up pretty close to one another and I’ve followed his career for years before he moved to Nashville. Oddly enough, Brent and I had never gotten to write and that one particular day we wrote two songs. I’ve got a lot of high hopes for this song. The production is really, unique for me and I just love what it says. Chancie sang on the demo and just felt right to keep her voice on this song as it really paints an even prettier picture.”

One of the album’s many highlights is the poignant “For a Boat.” “I grew up sitting on a bank fishing with my grandfather, my papa and my dad,” he says. “This song really touches on the simplicities of a father and son sitting there, looking out at the boats on the water and this kid dreaming of them but also being really content that the fish are biting right there from the bank. It’s a beautiful story about humility and contentment.”

Bryan says of the closing track and his current radio single, “Down to One,” it’s “quintessential me, about a guy and a girl out there in the woods,” he grins. “It’s written by Dallas Davidson, who I’ve had a lot of success with as a co-writer through the years. It sounds like something girls want to hear; a couple in the middle of nowhere enjoying a romantic night together. I always feel like you’ve got to have those on an album.”

It’s that understanding of how his audience lives and how his music can provide a soundtrack to their best moments that has made Luke Bryan a superstar. And the reason Bryan’s music resonates so strongly with millions can be summed up in one word—authenticity. Despite his success, he has remained that same small-town guy at heart. He’s someone who respects his parents, adores his wife and is always looking to be the kind of man his kids can look up to and count on. Chances are if you talk to any of Luke’s fans, they feel like he’s their best friend, even if they’ve never met the man because he’s one of them. Whether it’s in search of the biggest buck in the woods or the tastiest margarita on the beach, he’s been there, done that and there’s a song or two that echoes the moment. It’s that ability to capture life—to shed a tear or celebrate big that continues to make Luke Bryan the voice of the common man, and in an unsettling time, few things feel more reassuring than being understood.

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