Miller Lite

DJ Gemini Gilly

DJ Gemini Gilly


June 23 - 10:00 PM @ Johnson Controls World Stage

DJ Gemini Gilly

DJ GEMINI GILLY is a Milwaukee-based DJ and curator. Growing up on a variety of genres from her older brother's collection (East Coast Hip-Hop, Southern Hip-Hop, Funk, Disco, 90s R&B), she gained a love for music at a young age, occasionally stealing his CDs to listen to her favorite tracks. After countless times of being the designated AUX cord operator, she recognized that DJing/curating was her true passion and embarked on her journey to DJ GEMINI GILLY.


DJ GEMINI GILLY fuses her #BlackGirlMagic and love for black music with mixing and blending to create an eclectic set that keeps the crowd entertained. Since teaching herself how to DJ in 2019, DJ GEMINI GILLY has performed with the Milwaukee Bucks, Summerfest, Black Futures Lab, and Motown Accelerator.


Along with DJing, DJ GEMINI GILLY has her master's degree in social work and actively advocates for black folx. She hopes that she can inspire other black youth to take their passions and translate them into careers.

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