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DJ Devast8

DJ Devast8


June 30 - 9:30 PM @ Johnson Controls World Stage

DJ Devast8

DJ Devast8 is simply a music lover with a devoted interest to any acoustic sounds in all shapes and forms. Dj Devast8 DJ’s for the music, the people, the passion and the experience as a whole. From a young age Dj Devast8 has been involved with various sorts of music from euro, progressive, trance, house, old school, mashups, and hip hop. Music has always streamed through the family blood lines, as his father was a DJ in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. After mixing for over 20 years, growing up to the hitting sounds of House music, Dj Devast8’s heart, walks with hip hop/mashups, but his passion strives for the sound of bangin house music.

Dj Devast8 has blessed many music communities with his mind tagging beats throughout the Midwest, as he has successfully opened for world-renowned acts such as Alex Peace, Bad Boy Bill, Darude, DJ Dan, DJ Micro, DJ Rap, DJ Sammy, Green Velvet, Josh Winks, Junior Sanchez, The Roots, Common, Lupe Fiasco, Richard Vision, B.O.B. & J Cole.

You can catch Dj Devast8 DJ’ing live mixing videos at some of the Midwests premire bars and clubs. He’ll be playing a variety of mixed blend House & Top 40 music videos.

A genuine star artist for the dance music age, DJ Devast8 is Known citywide as the “Bald Headed Bastard,” he who is constantly birthing musical touch and felling onto every dance floor he mixes on. So watch out everyone, this bastard might Bang on your walls.

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