June 29 - 4:15 PM @ Johnson Controls World Stage


Frankfurt/Berlin, Germany

Capitano is the type of band that does not have a type.

What started as a mysterious masquerade in 2016, mixing punk attitude and drag theater with sprinkles of rock, indie & pop, has yet evolved into an extraordinary, highly unlikely pop act. Their musical DNA consists of all those strands of electronica, hip hop, indie and alternative music that either make legs shake or leave hearts trembling.

It’s their love-hate-relationship with genres and stereotypes that led Capitano through various stages of creative personas. Seeking for pure, unadulterated individuality, Capitano are taking off one mask at a time.

Capitano's live performances are chemical: Intense, colorful and highly unstable. Taking pride in their flaws and finding joy in sharing their fearlessness, Capitano seem to gather likeminded people across genres, genders, races and beliefs, whose disapproval for a typecast society led them right into the iridescent bubble of energy that is Capitano.

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