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Beach Bums

Beach Bums


July 9 - 4:00 PM @ JoJo's Martini Bar

Beach Bums

The Beach Bums are a perfect mix of summertime music and good time groovin'. 


Consisting of powerhouse vocals and blended harmonies from singers and co-captains Jaelyn and Tanner, electrifying lead and pedal steel guitar from Jesse, driving rhythm from bassist Noah, and in-your-face drumming from Jacob, The Beach Bums are always ready to bring the party. They are Iowa’s #1 party band!


Originating from a small little river town along the Mississippi River in Iowa, the Beach Bums wanted their name to reflect the fun summertime atmosphere of all the beach towns along the river.


Before they were bandmates, they were all friends whose main goal was simple; have fun and be happy. Now, making music together, that goal still remains the same; make fun music that makes everyone happy. Playing venues big and small, they have spread their love of music to every smiling face in the crowd.


The Beach Bums debuted with their feel good singles Down to Mexico, Love is a Melody, The Coconut is Sweeter, and Slow Dancing on a Beach; each song with its own Buffet-meets-Chesney sound. Later, they released their own tropical rendition of the classic Disney song, Kiss the Girl, from the 1989 film “The Little Mermaid”. Now with their next single, My Malibu, on the horizon, they look to broaden their musical sound into not only fun summertime party jams, but also chill indie pop and alternative pop.


Escape from reality with The Beach Bums, and see how good life can be when you make it a party!

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