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July 2 - 6:15 PM @ UScellular Connection Stage


Avenues are a punk rock quartet from Milwaukee, Wisconsin originally formed in January 2006 by Vin Smith. After a few years and a couple lineup changes, Avenues soon became a powerhouse act with twinger brothers (twin gingers) Scott and Shawn Brooks bringing their energetic stage presence and Marc-Alan from Texas to round out the lineup with his bigger than life showman persona behind the drums.

Avenues are known for their fast paced tight driven sound pulling influences from their roots of classic skate punk bands. Vin’s catchy song writing, vocal hooks, and melodic guitar riffs will have you singing along for days after you see them. Avenues have toured through the US and Canada and have played festivals such as Punk Rock Bowling, Warped Tour, Pouzza Fest, Envol Et Macadam, Inkcarceration, Summerfest, and Midwest Punk Fest sharing the stage with notable acts like the Buzzcocks, Rise Against, Red City Radio, 88 Fingers Louie, The Lillingtons, Strung Out, Swingin’ Utters, The Queers, and Masked Intruder.


Avenues will be releasing their new full length album appropriately titled “We’re All Doomed” on Wiretap Records(US) and SBAM Records(EU) later in 2021. This album has taken a better part of 4 years to put together and record having to scrap a previously recorded version due to Atlas Studios closing, Marc-Alan being near death and hospitalized for almost a year, and a global pandemic. These setbacks gave Avenues time to reflect and rewrite the album to better fit the current social climate and give Marc-Alan time to get healthy enough to record drums. Previous releases include 2011’s “NOHO” recorded by Grammy nominated producer/engineer Davey Rieley at godaveygo studios, 2013’s “Postcards from Ann Arbor” recorded by Matt Allison at Atlas Studios released via Stayposi Records, and 2015’s “Creep Show” recorded by Matt Allison at Atlas Studios released via Wiretap Records.

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