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Tickets available for trade include $11 Weekday Admission tickets, valid for admission on any weekeday prior to 4:00 pm, and $18 Summerfest General Admission tickets, valid for admission any time. We require a mixture of trade for both GA and Weekday Admission tickets of no less than a 70/30 split respectively. Please provide us with the cash value of your proposed trade and the details, i.e. proposed # of ads/commercials/impressions. Please include any mechanical specs necessary and trafficking instructions.

Trade Information

PLEASE COMPLETE THIS COMPLETED FORM AND SUPPORTING INFORMATION NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, APRIL 25. You will receive your :30 spot and your tickets as soon as they are produced. You must provide proof of performance for your trade schedule in the form of a notarized affidavit, tear sheet and/or proof of performance report by no later than August 1, 2014. If proof of performance cannot be provided, you will no longer be considered for Summerfest trade.

Resale of tickets you receive as consideration for this trade is expressly prohibited. Use of tickets with any public promotion, must be preapproved by Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. (“MWF”). Please report lost or stolen tickets immediately to MWF.

Non-compliance with the foregoing or any misuse of the tickets may result in termination of this ticket trade and revocation of any unused tickets. Additionally, MWF reserves the right to prohibit your participation in the future and to pursue any and all other legal rights and remedies.