Umphrey's McGee

When it comes to experiencing Umphrey’s McGee to the fullest, the live concert experience is unparalleled. Special fan interactive events like the Stew Art series have redefined live music as we know it -- with fans texting to choose the direction of the band’s set -- while the four-quarter UMBowls (each quarter has a different interactive theme) have quickly become landmark events not to be missed. Another initiative unique to Umphrey’s McGee is the “Headphones & Snowcones” program, where fans are given the unique opportunity to experience UM’s pristine sound up close and personal. Attendees can have the soundboard mix piped wirelessly to their ears via high-end personal monitor systems and headphones. It’s an entirely new way to experience live music and another innovation from a band that is constantly finding new ways to put fans first. As Umphrey’s McGee continues to evolve and the bandto- fan relationship is constantly reinvented, the band stays ahead of the curve as they create events that no other band can offer, unique to an organization that is not afraid of anything except stagnation.