Harvey Scales and the Seven Sounds

Harvey Scales ...a name synonymous with musical accolades, he started his career at the age of 14 in a group called The Playboys who rivaled then Al Jarreau's Doo Wop group, and later created The Esquires who had an international hit entitled 'Get On Up'. Harvey left the group to form his own that grew to be a large success, called Harvey Scales and The Seven Sounds and recorded on the legendary Stax Soul Record label out of Memphis TN. Harvey's biggest milestone was that he wrote the FIRST Platinum record in the history of recordmaking, the hit 'Disco Lady', and has gone on to write several other hits that have been recorded by J. Geil's Band and even The Beatie Boys. Recently he was sampled by Bruno Mars. Harvey has toured consistently since the 60's, and some of his singles in 45's have sold for as much as $3100 US dollars. Recently he has performed at Sweetwater's in Marin Ca, Milwaukee WI (awarded key to the city) Memphis (awarded a key to the city) Atlanta, Brooklyn, Poretta Italy. The show is high energy soul and funk-Thank you !