Just ten years ago, Bobby Ray Simmons lived in such meager conditions in his hometown of Decatur Georgia, not only was it too embarrassing to invite friends over, it just wasn’t safe. Bob viewed his humble beginnings as just that, the beginning. He became motivated to follow his musical aspirations and today he can afford more extravagances than he ever could envision. “What a crazy, amazing, frustrating, exciting, scary, blessed rollercoaster of a ride my career has been. I’ve been around the world multiple times, met world leaders like Barack Obama and been able to bond with my fans,” Bob revels. When I look back at all that I came from, I’m just so grateful. This album is showing my continued growth and is absolutely my most complete, evolved work.” B.o.B is already planning a major world tour for 2014 to come in the aftermath of Underground Luxury’s December 17 release. Additional producers and guests on the LP include T.I., 2 Chainz, Juicy J, DJ Mustard and Chris Brown.