Railroad Earth

Railroad Earth return in 2014 with Last of the Outlaws, the band’s seventh full-length and one that aims to stake their claim as an alpha dog in the current Americana Folk-Pop scene. The origin of Outlaws is rooted in Railroad Earth’s own backyard of Sussex County in the most rural part of New Jersey. It was there in a town called Knowlton, where mandolin player John Skehan went to a house to answer an ad about a piano for sale. Once he stepped inside, he realized he was where RRE would be making their new album. And while RRE may not be looking for any kind of crossover appeal, Last of the Outlaws is just too good of an album to be ignored. But regardless of where the next step in the evolution of this band takes them, the strong and loyal following Railroad Earth have established these twelve years, and over 1000 concerts, will remain unshakable in their assurance of keeping the group in the game for the long haul.