Blackjack Billy

Noll Billings, vocalist, is from Missouri. Rob Blackledge, vocals/guitar is from Mississippi. Jeff Coplan, lead guitar, is from Montreal then New York City. Patrick Cornell, bass guitar, is from Ohio then Los Angeles. Brad Cummings, drums, is one of the few musicians born and raised in Nashville. In the short time that Blackjack Billy have been together, they've established themselves as a must-see live act, playing over 100 shows their first year out. Their frenetic energy, ability to engage the crowd and the chemistry between them may be the reason why. And, as the saying goes, there has been no looking back. Last year, Blackjack Billy played 40 to 45 weekends out of the year. This year, they’re set to again play over 100 free-standing shows, not counting radio appearances. And, admirably, they’re doing it all on their own. From writing their own songs, producing their own record, playing their own instruments in the studio, even driving their own bus, the band is self-sufficient. But until the album comes out, you’ll find Blackjack Billy doing what they most love to do— hitting the road and playing for their rapidly growing congregation of fans.